funroll::Directory - A Directory recursion tool for fuss


This will eventually be replaced with syntax in the config file by something like

    globlist images files(*.jpg)
    globlist folders dirs(*)

For now, you can try deciphering the following extremly concice documentation below :)

The purpose of this module is to recurse directories, and execute a fuss config file on each subdirectory encountered. Before executing this file, certain options and tokens are set:

If the option pass_lists exists (or the config_file is named ``dir.fuss''), then lists files, folders and brothers (if they exist) are passed to the config file.

The files and folders lists are generated if they are not already defined. The brothers list is never generated, and only passed if exists.

All tokens and the current working directory are passed.

In addition, when recursing over directories, the following lists are generated / passed:

The options output_dir, cwd are set so that so that output will go generated by config_file will go into the correct relative subdirectory.

The tokens parent and current are set to the current and parent folders respectively.

The token desc is set if this folder has a description (specified in the folders list).

The folders list is passed as the brothers list (since all ``children'' of this directories are ``brothers''). NOTE: WomensLib fans -- Release 1.0 will have this renamed as the politically correct ``Sibblings''. Till then please don't spam me.

WARNING: Currently filenames with spaces cause trouble. I've no plans of fixing this as I plan to replace this module with something more flexible.


The following options are the same as that in funroll::Page(1).


The following options have meanings specific to this module

GNU find style regexp of filenames to consider (defaults to .*\(jpg\|mov\)).

GNU find style regexp of directory names to exclude while recursing. Defaults to .*\(lowres\|thumbnails\|Icons\).

fuss config file to execute on each sub-directory.

If set, the files, folders and brothers lists are passed to the config_file.

The current working directory. Defaults to the current directory. You can set it to anything you like. This is the directory that will be scanned / recursed for images.

If set, directories are not recursed. A slideshow is created for only the current directory.


This program, and all files distributed with it are protected under the GNU General Programers Licence version 2 or later. See the file Licence for details.


fuss(1), perl(1), funroll::Page(1), funroll::Resize(1), funroll::Directory(1), funroll::Simple(1).


Gautam Iyer <>.